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How Flight Plan is filed in real life?

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Flight Plan is a document which includes detailed information of flight from one point to another. It comprises of fuel planning, departure information, aircraft callsign and many more. Sure FSX aviators would know about this while filing your flight plan into the Vatsim server. But that is on virtual simulation. Ever wondered how pilots do that in the real world scenario? Lets begin. 

For commercial flights, usually flight dispatchers will do it via email or fax but most common is email. Flight dispatchers or known as flight operations officer is a person who performs operational duties related to preflight (preparation) such as establishing performance of limited weight, interpretation of weather and NOTAM, flight planning, and crew briefing. They will send what's called a repetitive flight plan meaning for certain period of time or season the flight plan for a schedule flight will be sent once only. The only thing that changes in these flight plans is the aircraft registration or other information that may vary from flight to flight.

But, generally flight planned route, timing and all that is set won't change. For private pilots, they will either file the flight plan through the ground handler appointed by the company or they will fill in the flight plan form and submit to the ATC unit. For large airports which has AIS (aeronautical information service) such as KLIA, Kuching, KK etc, the flight plan will be submitted to AIS office where the AIS officer will enter the flight plan into the system until such a time comes where the electronic flight strip will be activated by the system. If there is no AIS office, they will file using a paper flight plan form and submit to the tower.

Credits to Prestley Shim (CAAM Assistant ATCO Trainee)

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Malaysia Airlines Cadet Pilot Trainee 2019 Intake!

Malaysia Airlines Cadet Pilot Trainee 2019 Intake!

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Job Purpose:

Enrol in Cadet Pilot Training Programme at Flight Training Organisation (‘FTO’) to obtain Airline Transport Pilot Licence (‘ATPL’)

Job Accountability:

  • Pass all ATPL subjects with maximum of 3 attempts and complete flying syllabus within 24 months
  • Obtain CAAM approval for flying licence issuance to meet requirement by the authority

Educational Qualification:

  • SPM (or its equivalent qualification recognised by Malaysian government) with minimum
    • (A-) in Mathematics OR Add-Mathematics and English;
    • (A-) in Science OR (B) in Physics; and
    • (B) in other two (2) subjects
  • Diploma / Bachelor Degree in Engineering or Science related disciplines with minimum
    • CGPA of 3.00; and
    • SPM (or its equivalent qualification recognised by Malaysian government) with minimum (B) in Mathematics OR Add-Mathematics, Science OR Physics and English


  • A Malaysian National
  • Maximum 28 years old at date of selection
  • Minimum height of 158cm
  • Good command of Bahasa Malaysia and English, both written and spoken
  • Medically and physically fit with perfect eyesight and visual acuity of at least 6/60 without optical aids, correctable to 6/6 and not colour blind

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MPL or CPL/IR WITH FROZEN ATPL? What are the difference?

Hi, Happy Diwali to those who are celebrating out there. Here, I would like to share about the difference on both licensing programme pathways. MPL stands for Multi Crew Pilot License while CPL/IR stand for Commercial Pilot License with Instrument Rating. Currently, AirAsia had resumed MPL programme where cadets have to undergo ATPL theory ground school at CAE Sepang and then proceed to MPL phase which consist of :

Phase 1  (melbourne/arizona USA )
(136 hour = flying 130 hour + 6 hour simulator)

Phase 2 (cae kl)

36 hour ( 9 week)
Basic training

Phase 3 (cae kl)

Intermediate training
A320 (112 hours  / 20 weeks)

Phase 4

Advanced training (28 hour / 7 week )

The first batch had started training last month and will be by batches for upcoming intake every month for MPL. Total cost of MPL is RM427000+ while cadets are bonded for 9 years with AA and just have to pay RM400k. So, what are the difference with the traditional CPL? MPL programme structure is more inclined to the airline procedures compared to CPL where you learn the basics and general of flying. In other terms, its airline specialised programme while CPL, u gotta undergo additional type training programme such as A320, B737 and so on.

One thing is you cannot take up MPL as private cadet while it is for Airline Cadet which is tailored to the company SOP. The disadvantage of MPL is u cannot migrate to another carrier in the period between MPL license grant and until u get the ATPL license which stands for Air Transport Pilot License. Example, u u are AirAsia MPL holder and definitely you are automatically A320 type rated, but after working for 2 years you decided u move to another carrier which offers you better remuneration and benefit, this is not possible. You have to reach 21 of age with certain flying hours gain before attaining ATPL license, then u can proceed to change company. Not to worry much on MPL because you have bond and security with the company and u can move freely after getting ur ATPL converted. You must make sure medically fit for flying and pass assessments during the MPL period or else you are busted.

For more info about MPL, click here

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Hello guys! We are giving you out free ebook just for you guys in preparation for the cadet pilot program but before that! We want you to share our website to everyone! Keep sharing untill we get atleast 30,000 page visitors then we shall release the EBOOK free for download! This ebook includes in all the necessary things you need before sitting for the cadet pilot program! Do share ! Like ! And give us a comment if you want this free book!

-Admin Feeq

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-November_December 2018 (MAB)
-January_March 2019 (AirAsia Berhad)


a.Malaysia Airlines
Credits;An and some resources

-Since MAB is demanding numerous number of pilots,it is performing 2 intakes in a year as there are lack in number of pilots which results in the cancellation of flights.
The problem is that there are no pilots on standby for any flights thus it is more difficult in this way.MAB is still on the brink of rising to its stability so it will take time until 2020 to meet the standard competency among other airlines and serve the airline as the number one national carrier again.

This is the first year _2018 after 7 years of no Abintio cadet intake specifically opened to the Public.This year will be the first year that MAB be hosting this cadet pilot programme in the objection of recruiting more pilots in the future.
This year the number of applicants that applied to  MAB  is about 2000 people while in AirAsia the number of applicants applied are 11,000 people.Only 400 cadets passed all the stages.Unlike MAB the number of applicants that pass all the stages are unknown because we didn’t heard any news from MAB HR Team.But in my opinion,only like 40-50 cadets passed.

The stages for cadet pilot intake for MAB consists of 5 stages which is Written exam,interview,psychometric,psychomotor,and last but not least medical checkup.I think that it is not that hard to pass the written exam provided that u are well prepared for the kind of questions that will be asked.You will need to sit for 3 papers separately for 30-45 minutes each paper is about 30 questions which is ENGLISH,MATHS(IQ TEST) AND PHYSICS
I suggest to you,doing a lot of practices that involves in NUMERICAL REASONINGS for the IQ TEST as they include a lot of basic mathematical problem solving and some aptitude test to be done.You can find those by googling “Numerical Reasonings”

Here are the website link for the whole guide:

And here's the link to a recycled written exam paper that were used everytime MAB conduct exam:

If u have any problems please do contact:

Jaja MAB HR :

Hairul Effendy Hamdan MAB HR:


First and foremost please do take note that in mathematics its the most *hardest*.Everyone wasnt able to answer within 30 minutes sebab time is *very limited*,plus congnitive questions  so past years wont come out as they will ask questions that are *cognitive* related such as:
triangle ~pattern,determine the next one
-given these lines,what shape will u get from these?

There will *no be precise answer*,u need to take the closest digit to the actual number or in other words; tembak the most close answer.

Second hard is physics,please do alot of calculations thru all those past years sbb there is little theory

Third of all,english is the easiest.Being that,it only needs some good comprehension skills

Conclusion,I dont know what to say but the thing is its mostly about your IQ not on based strong foundation.Nevertheless,the luckiest of us will get chosen as i believe "no one" ever gets the *time* and aren't *prepared*


1. Explain theory of flight
2.why u left your job
3. What’s the scrap life of an aircraft
4. Weather and effect
5. Explain Hydraulics Briefly
6. What is fail safe system?
7. Using your aviation knowledge how are you going to benefit it during flying
8. How to start an a/c
9. Tell us about ata chapter 100
10. Aircraft major zone 100-800 (+900)
11.letter checks
12. How to differentiate boeing and airbus do you handle the situation if the instrument or the aircraft shutdown for 10 second.
14. Etops + edto
15. What is human factor?
16. In your opinion, what are the aspects AirAsia should improve on?
17. List 10 items in the cockpit
18. Aa is ordering neo and ceo type airbus. What is neo and ceo and their differences?
19. Jet A1 and their characteristic.
20. Robots and AI will definitely effect the pilots job and the aviation industry. It's just a matter of time. Lets say at that time you're a pilot, what will you do?
My questions
21. Tell me about yourself
22. differences between GE,RR and PW
23. Seats on 737,A330,A350
24.CEO of Malaysia Airlines
25.Whos group CEO of Malaysia Airlines
26.Whos Izham Ismail
Guys did my interview today, i guess i would share a little bit on what they asked me.
27.What is relative humidity
28.What is visibility
29. how do you measure visibility
30.what are the criteria's of a VFR flight
31. list ten instruments you can find in the aircraft

Honestly speaking they could just ask you any question based on your background. So my tips is lead your interview how you want it to be. When you enter the room pls shake their hands b4 sitting down, look at their eye when speaking, if you dont know the answers just say you dont know. If you fake it they WILL KNOW. Theres no right or wrong answers, just honest answers. Good luck everybody. All the best👍

many people will fail in this stage, because it’s very hard. 5 level in this stage, and level 5 is the hardest. You can’t practise online because this stage is unique. No sample online. English and maths will be asked. Try your very best in this level. During my time, 6 people failed this stage. Since it’s an online test, you can do it at home.

this stage can also fail people. Have to take off, bank, anticipate engine failure, ascend, and land. All on your own, captain just help with engine. Even the flaps you have to control. The captain will guide you. Basically have to follow the fd. While flying the Capt will ask math questions and you have to answer him while maintaining flight. If you don’t answer him, he’ll be really angry. A candidate did this and immediately failed during my time. He’ll just ask 1 question. Here, you have to impress him with your flying skills and you will pass.

b.AirAsia Berhad
-Meanwhile in AA the number of pilots are growing rapidly as it recruits large amount of cadet pilot annually ranging from between 100-300 people.These new cadet pilots will be trained at different approved training organisations and they will be bound for perhaps new fleets for the A320.AirAsia offers a good salary income for new pilots and senior captains thus people prefer working for AirAsia rather than MAB.

Here are the website link for the whole guide:


“It’s a do or die scenario”
The stages for the cadet pilot intakes aren’t that easy but with a lil bit of early preparation,that would have help you build better foundation before answering any challenging tasks given by the airliners itself.

3 things to bear in mind for its preparation 1 month prior to intake;

You have to make preparation 1 month before the real cadet pilot application intake regardless of whether your status in in progress or your still waiting for a reply or you may get rejected or whatsoever.The thing here is to prepare earlier because the stages comes very quick and you need to be prepared at all times.Such that,once you done your stage 1,the next stage will be announce as soon as possible depending on the recruitment team because there is this one time whereas stage1 results are just out and by next week the stage2 announcement is already out.

You must first identify your weaknesses,if you had already failed before,you should have already know what are your weaknesses and what needs to be improved.For example in stage 1,the written test for mathematics was so damn hard for you and you knew that before this that the calculations wasn’t that easy and quite hard.So in order to overcome this,just make sure that you know your weaknesses and start working out on the weaknesses 1 month prior to the opening intake of the cadet pilot.Pilots must be able to be prepared at all times!! You musn’t take this for granted if you are serious about being a pilot!

For the interview,you must be able to prepare yourself a lot of questions to be asked to your very self.Just imagine that you are the interviewer what would u ask?Or what kind of question to expect?Basically it is based on luck.If you are lucky,the interviewer will only ask you general questions but if u weren’t,they will ask you technical ones and this technical questions,you can get from various of resources.It is just that u need to have the effort to make a research regarding on whatever technical question may be given in the future.Another tips is to make sure that your answer to the question are unique as possible.Unique here means that your answer isn’t the same like every people would have answer.For example.Why do u wanna be  a pilot?Find the best answer to this question.THINK FOR YOURSELF.The most unique answer,that can astonish the interviewer panels

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What do you need to know as an aircraft engineering student?

Tips and tricks for future aircraft engineers

Hello there again folks! Today we will talk about what are the important things that an aircraft engineer student need to know before they sit for examinations,in order to acquire their license.Some of you were NOT told of what are the MUST, DONTs , DOs when you enrolled for this course such that how are you going to study for your modules, how are you going to manage your time , when are the times that you need to be serious , what to take note during industrial training/On-Job Training, where can I get the resources,etc
That is what today's topic all about.I am going to share to you my experiences as an aircraft engineer although It's just been just 2 semesters for me but I learn alot during my journey so I hope this will help you all in your future endeavours.

Quick Notes;
a.Aerospace-Study of SPACE and AIR TRANSPORTS inclding (aircraft,spacecraft,spaceship)
b.Aircraft Maintenence-Study of AIRCRAFT and repairing them
c.Pilot- Person who carries passengers on AIRCRAFT

-The course of aircraft engineering will take 4 YEARS of time( 2years theory,2 years training)

-Passing mark will be 75 above, below 75 you will FAIL

      First and foremost, let me ask you a question.Do you know that before you enroll yourself into aircraft engineering course you will need to familiarise yourself on what subjects will be taught to you and getting a bigger picture of what is this course all about!? Most of the students who graduate from high school,be it SPM or GCSE level, didn't know what aircraft engineering is all about.They didn't even make an effort to further research on what are they going to be dealing with of in the future.That is the problem.People enter as they like without knowing the consequences that they'll face.I don't know about you guys but before you enroll yourself as an aircraft engineer you need to read AN1101 which you can download at ,as for international students you might need to download it from your country aviation authority website. So basically this AN1101,what it does is actually it tells you about the requirements you need in order to obtain your AIRCRAFT MAINTENENCE ENGINEER LICENSE.It also tells you about the subjects that you will take as you enroll yourself in the course.You will have a clearer vision of what are you going to deal with.

Image result for resources

     Next, after identifying the subjects that you are going to study ,get all the RESOURCES regardless of where you are going to get it.As for me, I am quite close to my instructors and seniors so I always give myself time to ask from them LECTURE NOTES that will help me for my studies.Even if your not in the school,you may search for it online.There are bunch of notes online such as you can get them from scribd,libgen io, or even scroll to my page section where I included in aircraft engineer notes free for use!I understand,it's hard to get resources nowdays thus Im happy to help by including those notes.You just need to have the effort to seek for the notes.Don't expect people to spoonfeed you with the notes.It's never enough! Even for me,as I go thru my lecturers,I find it's never enough.I need more resources in order for me to fully understand that certain topic.You can never study with only ONE NOTES,you need MORE MORE and MORE.

Image result for malaysia pilot instructor
    Be close with lecturers and seniors guys!!! This is the most important part that you might need to think of.But why those guys? Well,you see.Those people are the people that are going to help you push your way through your obstacles and challenges when you sit for the course.Trust me,they;ve helped me alot and now I am starting to get a hang of this course.I am not using them but I am being friendly and trying to get closer to them If there would be any chances that in the future they are able to help me for On Job Training? It's not that difficult to befriend with them right so try your best to aid them when they need you.

   Besides that, for the syllabus of aircraft engineering it's all the same wherever you go.The differences is whether your examination is EASA,CAAM,CAAI based? You need to know bout this because,you will know what exactly you need to study and prepare for the exam.But the main important thing that you would need to know is you need to look at the syallabus LEVELS and the main highlight of each syllabus.If you notice in AN1101 Appendix 1,if you scroll down,you should see the MAIN HIGHLIGHT of each modules and what is needed to focus onto.I'd say this is freakin useful,because you knew what to study and what to expect in the exam.Some of the subtopics may not come out in the exam because it isn't the main highlight of the module that u need to know of.As for the syllabus LEVELS,in AN1101 appendix 1,it also tells you about the difficulty of the subtopic.Such that the subtopic of fluid dynamics level is on 2.That shows how difficult the subject is;

Image result for aviation clock
    Time management is important! You need to know when to play and when not to! Because I see that many of us play a fool when it comes to aircraft engineering because unlike other courses you need to know alot of subjects while we only study the subject that is ONLY  related to the syllabus.Even it's good but you cannot afford to play a fool and rest alot! This course is not a game! The life of passengers and aircraft depends on you ALOT ALOT! It's a machine bruh! I know some of you might have alot of free time right?Use that time wisely.As an aircraft engineer,you must aim high for the marks.You wouldn't want to get marks lower than 75.It's not school anymore,there is no more 40,30 failing standards.It's higher in fact much effort needs to be given.As for me,class will start at 8am in the morning till 4pm evening.During my lunch time or free time when it's break time, I would read the notes and try to digest whatever I am learning or I would kinda have a sleep because recent study suggests that sleep improves learning abilities.As soon as I arrive home,I would do sports,read books,sleep or do activities that relaxes my mind.At 9pm,I would study the topic that I am going to learn for tomorrow which means I am preparing myself for the next topic so that it'll ease my understanding of the topic.It is RECOMMENDED that you study perhaps outside or find someplace quiet,so that the knowledge is easier to capture! :)   

Image result for pilot malaysia
What else?A-ha! Some of you may come into this field because you might think that this field is a pathway for you to be a pilot someday and due to financial problems,that's your main reason of enrolling this course.No worries,you did the right thing.But the thing is,you will need to work first and have the effort to keep your money untill your money is sufficient for you to enter into flying school.Another option,is thru pilot cadetship just like what I am doing; I am studying aircraft engineering,while applying for open pilot cadetships in hope that I will pass all the stages and be selected to be their future pilots.It's not an easy thing tho cause I failed both AirAsia intake and Malaysia Airlines cadet for this year.Hopefully that in the future,I will be lucky enough to get selected.Pray for the best of me,friends!


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Neuroscience and psychology the root of evil and good

Things about neuroscience and psychology that you MUST know!

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Soooo what exactly is neuroscience and psychology? Rumours had it,saying that people who are psychologist have mental health and are helping crazy people! Wow! What a myth! But you got em all wrong!Here are what they actually are!

Neuroscience-> A study of human brain complexity

Psychology-> A study of human behaviour

In high school,basics of neuroscience has been taught to us which is the simpliest cell of a neuron,not more than that.To be honest,there is more than meets the eye. Those neurons aren't just a cell but it is what shapes our reality and consciousness views of the world!

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This field though has its scientific research origins,also serves as GOOD and also BAD to the world.What would be the bad and the good?
Lets start off with the good side! Me,as an aircraft engineering student benefit alot from learning both neuroscience and psychology.It teaches me to understand more of ourselves and have sympathic feelings for others.YES,its true tho.Learning neuroscience enhances our understanding of the world we live in especially my triggered responses when I feel angry,sad or happy.As for psychology,I learn how am I able to interact well with other human beings as in social life.

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My understanding of both neuro and psych REDUCES my dependment on other humans but rather being independant of my life which I myself create!

The magic of psychology,is that we can get as many people to be influenced and make friends with us especially if your FRIENDLY and kind to others! 

Besides that,your relationships ought to be better tho.Some might say that it is way insane.Some psychologist have relationships problem too! So does it mean that I lied?No i dont,it's just that they didnt seem to understand what their partners wanted or maybe they have that egocentric view where they expected more love from their partners rather than giving love!

Sometimes,we find out in life that it is hard to cure depression,stresses,problems that arises in life which relates to emotion stuff.BUT do you know that if we could identify what trigger our emotion through the understanding of neuroscience,it shall be solved there and then! How? Well for example if you understand how your emotions work, you know which part of the brain triggers that. In the future,you know what you must do,in order NOT to trigger that part! Simple right? Yep easy as picking a stick

Now for the evil part.Which part of scientific findings never contributes to evil?Yes,it always has been contributing to evil massacre for  the purpose of GREED and POWER such that the invention of Atomic bomb,which has greatly cause major destruction to Hiroshima once upon a time,killing millions of innocent people.Not awesome dude.

a.The invention of social media.
-What else if it weren't for social medias?It made us express about our life stories to strangers which we arent supposed to! People could take advantage out of you by giving fake information,like fake relationships! fake images! Everything extremely FAKE.Do you know that Mark Zuckerberg was smart enough to invent the LIKE button for facebook just to make people addicted to that simple yet rather destructive button?Mark was smart tho,he knew that inventing that button would turn us humans into some addictive beings for being popular in social media platform.The release of dopamine and serotonin explains,why we seek addiction for likes *sighs*

b.The invention of games
-During my time as a little boy,I never had the chance to play with interactive gadgets like iPad,Laptops and such.All I wanted as a child is only TOYS which i can play with,and enhance my cognitive skills as I learn the mechanism of my toys.How about gadgets?Games?What has it affected to youngsters these days?Yes,folks.They spent most of their time on games which make their life not productive and very much lifeless.Of course they're lifeless.Dont they have something healthy to do? Science explains that as you win a game,it triggers your brain to play more because winning a game produces dopamine.That lil tricky hormone,led you to an endless hours of match to get a rush of dopamines.

To sum things up,there has been alot of things going on with the world nowdays.But because of how intelligent are the elites,they invented these platforms to make us dumber yet foolish.From endless hours of gaming to numbers of mental illness increasing from time to time and all I can say is that,stop using those devices! They are all mind-controlled stuffs.Don't be the foolish one.Be the wise ones,to be able to learn that field and make good use of it!

If ya need any consultation or help just contact me via whatsapp at: +601111381467

PS; I am giving out consultations who seriously need help for 3.63Dollars!