How Flight Plan is filed in real life?

Flight Plan is a document which includes detailed information of flight from one point to another. It comprises of fuel planning, departure information, aircraft callsign and many more. Sure FSX aviators would know about this while filing your flight plan into the Vatsim server. But that is on virtual simulation. Ever wondered how pilots do that in the real world scenario? Lets begin.                                       For commercial flights, usually flight dispatchers will do it via email or fax but most common is email. Flight dispatchers or known as flight operations officer is a person who performs operational duties related to preflight (preparation) such as establishing performance of limited weight, interpretation of weather and NOTAM, flight planning, and crew briefing. They will send what's called a repetitive flight plan meaning for certain period of time or season the flight plan for a schedule flight will be sent once only. The only thing that chan

Malaysia Airlines Cadet Pilot Trainee 2019 Intake!

Malaysia Airlines Cadet Pilot Trainee 2019 Intake! Job Purpose: Enrol in Cadet Pilot Training Programme at Flight Training Organisation (‘FTO’) to obtain Airline Transport Pilot Licence (‘ATPL’) Job Accountability: Pass all ATPL subjects with maximum of 3 attempts and complete flying syllabus within 24 months Obtain CAAM approval for flying licence issuance to meet requirement by the authority Educational Qualification: SPM (or its equivalent qualification recognised by Malaysian government) with minimum (A-) in Mathematics OR Add-Mathematics and English; (A-) in Science OR (B) in Physics; and (B) in other two (2) subjects OR Diploma / Bachelor Degree in Engineering or Science related disciplines with minimum CGPA of 3.00; and SPM (or its equivalent qualification recognised by Malaysian government) with minimum (B) in Mathematics OR Add-Mathematics, Science OR Physics and English Requirements: A Malaysian National Maximum 28 years old at date of sel

MPL or CPL/IR WITH FROZEN ATPL? What are the difference?

Hi, Happy Diwali to those who are celebrating out there. Here, I would like to share about the difference on both licensing programme pathways. MPL stands for Multi Crew Pilot License while CPL/IR stand for Commercial Pilot License with Instrument Rating. Currently, AirAsia had resumed MPL programme where cadets have to undergo ATPL theory ground school at CAE Sepang and then proceed to MPL phase which consist of : Phase 1  (melbourne/arizona USA ) (136 hour = flying 130 hour + 6 hour simulator) Phase 2 (cae kl) 36 hour ( 9 week) Basic training Phase 3 (cae kl) Intermediate training A320 (112 hours  / 20 weeks) Phase 4 Advanced training (28 hour / 7 week ) The first batch had started training last month and will be by batches for upcoming intake every month for MPL. Total cost of MPL is RM427000+ while cadets are bonded for 9 years with AA and just have to pay RM400k. So, what are the difference with the traditional CPL? MPL programme structure is more inclined to th
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MALAYSIA AIRLINES AND AIRASIA CADET PILOT PROGRAMME PREPARATION 2018/19 By  Feeq photo credited to the owner EXPECTED; -November_December 2018 (MAB) -January_March 2019 (AirAsia Berhad) INTRODUCTION a.Malaysia Airlines Credits;An and some resources -Since MAB is demanding numerous number of pilots,it is performing 2 intakes in a year as there are lack in number of pilots which results in the cancellation of flights. The problem is that there are no pilots on standby for any flights thus it is more difficult in this way.MAB is still on the brink of rising to its stability so it will take time until 2020 to meet the standard competency among other airlines and serve the airline as the number one national carrier again. This is the first year _2018 after 7 years of no Abintio cadet intake specifically opened to the Public.This year will be the first year that MAB be hosting this cadet pilot programme in the objection of recruiting more pilots in the f

What do you need to know as an aircraft engineering student?

Tips and tricks for future aircraft engineers H ello there again folks! Today we will talk about what are the important things that an aircraft engineer student need to know before they sit for examinations,in order to acquire their license.Some of you were NOT told of what are the MUST, DONTs , DOs when you enrolled for this course such that how are you going to study for your modules, how are you going to manage your time , when are the times that you need to be serious , what to take note during industrial training/On-Job Training, where can I get the resources,etc That is what today's topic all about.I am going to share to you my experiences as an aircraft engineer although It's just been just 2 semesters for me but I learn alot during my journey so I hope this will help you all in your future endeavours. Quick Notes; -Dont get confused between AEROSPACE ENGINEER and AIRCRAFT MAINTENENCE ENGINEER and PILOT a. Aerospace -Study of SPACE and AIR TRANSPORTS inclding

Neuroscience and psychology the root of evil and good

Things about neuroscience and psychology that you MUST know! Soooo what exactly is neuroscience and psychology? Rumours had it,saying that people who are psychologist have mental health and are helping crazy people! Wow! What a myth! But you got em all wrong!Here are what they actually are! Neuroscience-> A study of human brain complexity Psychology-> A study of human behaviour In high school,basics of neuroscience has been taught to us which is the simpliest cell of a neuron,not more than that.To be honest,there is more than meets the eye. Those neurons aren't just a cell but it is what shapes our reality and consciousness views of the world! This field though has its scientific research origins,also serves as GOOD and also BAD to the world.What would be the bad and the good? Lets start off with the good side! Me,as an aircraft engineering student benefit alot from learning both neuroscience and psychology.It teaches me to understand more of ou